Top 5 things to consider before buying Police patches

Top 5 things to consider before buying Police patches

Police Patches are one of the inevitable components of any law enforcement officer. It has to be noted that careful considerations have to be made while selecting police patches to avoid problems in the future. Several factors have to be taken into account before deciding on to purchase a bespoke police patch. Let’s find out the top 5 things to be considered before buying police patches.


Since police patches are part of the law enforcement division, you need to be extremely careful while designing the same. Choosing a design that reflects the division’s vision and mission is very crucial as these patches convey their identity. It has to be also noted that the patch has to be very well visible and stuck properly on the police uniform.


The patch quality is extremely important and no compromise should be made on it. Police officers are expected to work in various situations and even harsh environments. Hence the patches should be very strong and durable.  High quality patches are well resistant to abrasion and hence it won’t affect the appearance  and help the officer look very professional in their attire.

Poor quality patches can negatively impact the division it represents and affect the rightfulness and competitiveness of the officer. A high quality patch on a uniform is a crucial way to identify and recognize and helps the public to understand and communicate with the police more effectively. Addendum, a well designed patch can promote a sense of spirit, pride and solidarity among police officers


Depending on the uniform, the line of work, application, the type of patch is chosen. Police patches are usually PVC, embroidered or sublimation type patches.Each patch types has its own advantages and features.

Embroidered patches

These patches have raised and textured designs which are achieved by threads sewn on to the back of the surface. There’s no doubt in the durability and strength of these patches, and they always offer a timeless appearance. The main advantage of embroidered patches being used by police officers is that these patches can be created in a wide variety of designs, hues and forms to suit the division’s branding.


The main composition of PVC patches are a pliable and supple plastic material. PVC patches are well suitable  for severe weather conditions due to the waterproof nature and durability. PVC patches best preferred by law enforcement agencies, adventure as well as outdoor work companies. .


Sublimation patches are created with the help of a special ink that’s used to print the design onto a fabric. The speciality being more colorful design and intricacy and the ability to include full color photos and pictures into the design. These patches are normally used by clubs, sport teams, organizations, brands and businesses who focus on creating a personalized and at the same time a distinctive design.


Compliance with legislation is an important aspect while creating police patches. Any local or state laws that require certain information has to be included on the patch must be adhered to. It could be part of the name, or the rank of the police officer or a badge number.Hence designing the patch in compliance with the law of great importance and failure to follow it can cause severe consequences.


Patches have a great role in enhancing professionalism and gaining public trust. The cost as well as the value of the patches are to be considered by the agency. Patches have to be designed properly in order not to break a uniform. A patch that’s poorly designed and fixed has the capability to destroy a costly uniform. A few pennies saved on a patch could cost hundreds of times in terms of how an officer appears. Hence it’s important to use high quality patches. These patches could be a bit on the expensive side, but it could be long-lasting and worth the money you spend.


Choosing bespoke patches for police uniforms should consider the quality, type, style and compliance factors. Police patches offer a visual representation of the division’s identity, core values and offers trust in public. Hence creating a high quality patch with an experienced company like PatchSnatched will guarantee you the best quality patch with excellent designs that suit your requirements.

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