Collection: Laser Cut Patches

One of the best ways to give your clothes, backpacks, hats, and other items a personalized and distinctive look is by adding laser-cut patches. These premium patches are created using a precision laser cutter and a variety of materials, including felt, leather, and fabric.

Our laser cut patches also have the benefit of being simple to attach. You may quickly and easily apply the custom laser cut patches to the selected article of clothing with the help of the Velcro surface on the back. Rest certain that our patches are long-lasting and adhere effectively, even under harsh usage.

Our laser cut patches are the ideal option whether you're updating your wardrobe or searching for a thoughtful gift for a close friend or relative. They can make any old clothes look interesting and fashionable. Expedition laser cut patches and Condura laser cut patches are in great demand.

Why then do you continue to wait? Explore our online store to see the assortment of laser-cut patches that can add a unique touch to your look!