A Guide on Different Types of Rubber Patches

A Guide on Different Types of Rubber Patches

Rubber patches are a prominent alternative to embroidered patches and an amazing way to demonstrate your brand or company. These Polyvinyl chloride patches are made of resistant and flexible plastic that gives the same perception as that of rubber. Rubber patches truly add a new element in the look and feel to your garment or product, also at the same time they are very light weight, durable and long lasting.Additionally, they can be moulded to a desirable shape and dyed to any colour or hue.They allow an astounding level of detail and perception to any design.Also, the rubber patches are waterproof therefore they can be easily cleaned.

Custom rubber patches are a durable and versatile option to traditional embroidered patches.Custom rubber patches can be sewn onto the cloth as they have sew-on grooves to ease sewing or by using velcro fasteners.Custom rubber patches can be created in several colours and styles. When it comes to customisation, there are several options to choose from like design, thickness, backing colours etc.Flexible custom patches are soft and flexible and resistant to any wear and tear, which makes them perfect for heavier apparel and outerwear like jackets, hats, backpacks etc.

3D Rubber Patches

Three dimensional patches have concave shapes with letters and images that are protruding out when viewed from the side. Apart from having the three dimensionality they are more vibrant and realistic compared to the two dimensional patches.The three dimensional effect is due to the curvature and for that 3D rubber patches will have one or more layers that are curved.

What are the Different Types of Rubber Patches?

Velcro PVC Rubber Patches

The Velcro rubber patches mostly consist of a hook on one side, which is a soft fibre and the other side is a loop, which is an elastic fibre with a spur.This gives the freedom to remove and reattach the patch. They have many applications in luggages and logos for clothing.Since they are easy to attach and remove they make an excellent choice for uniforms and tactical gears.

They are available in the market as:

a. Hook and loop fasteners PVC Patches - This double-sided Velcro has a hook which is sewn to the back of the Velcro rubber patch, and a loop piece.The hook and loop fasteners make a firm attachment with the bag / clothing, that lets the easy separation and removal of the Velcro.

b. Hook fasteners PVC Patches- This single-sided Velcro has only a loop without the hook being attached to it.The hook piece is sewn on the PVC patches, and the softer part which is the loop piece is sewn onto the clothing.Since the hook piece is hard ,it must be separated when cleaning woollen clothes as they can damage the wool during machine wash.

2.Self Adhesive PVC Rubber Patches

The self adhesive PVC rubber patches come with a rubber patch on the front and a double sided adhesive tape on the behind.The high tack adhesive that is used in self adhesive patches, provides a good preliminary bond and then complete adhesion in 48 to 72 hours.The double sided tape is disposable and meant for single use only.The high bond strength of the adhesive makes it ideal for uses on fabrics and plastics.They are commonly used as stickers and labels in packaging products.They can be used on bags and hats for sticking the company’s logo.They are cheaper in term of price, thereby making them more cost effective compared to Velcro PVC rubber patches.

3.No Attachment PVC Rubber Patches

As the name suggests, these rubber patches are without any attachments.They have sew-on grooves around the frame that are used to directly sew the rubber patch onto the clothing.They are used as labels and decorations on garments.These rubber patches can be machine washed with the garments as they don’t fade and are soft and durable.

Benefits of PVC Rubber Patches

1.High Durability

One of the key feature of the rubber patches is that they are made from a highly flexible and strong kind of plastic called polyvinyl chloride which makes these rubber patches extremely durable and flexible.Since they are made of this robust type of plastic they can combat harsh environmental conditions like sunlight, rain and extremely high and low temperatures.Additionally, they don’t fade or fray with time thereby, making the vivid appearance for long.


These custom rubber patches offer the opportunity to showcase your brand in a distinctive manner.They are best suited for corporate branding, military personnel garments, canvas, sports accessories.This gives you the freedom to incorporate complex designs and fine details.Moreover, there are many colours, shades, styles and sizes to choose from.

3. 3D Feature

The 3D rubber patches are not only eye-catching but they are also durable and retain their bright colours and fine intricate details.They give more textured look to the clothing and bags make them aesthetically very pleasing.The stereoscopic effect made by the raised surfaces and intricate design make them exceptionally stand out.

4.Retains the Shape and Size

Unlike the traditional embroidered patches that lose their shape after a couple of washing or due to regular use, they retain their original shape and size.This is because they are made of polyvinyl chloride which is a long lasting material.

5. Water Resistant and Ease of Maintenance

The rubber patches are resistant to water making them suitable for using for sports uniforms, camping equipments and hiking gear.Additionally they are very easy to clean, all you need in soap and some water.Therefore, they can be effortlessly made rid of the dirt and grime aiding in maintaining a new look always.

6. Branding Opportunities

The rubber patches allow the entrepreneurs to augment sales and thereby the business by offering branding options. By incorporating logos and names of the company one can boost the brand awareness among the customers.


The rubber patches come with a variety of benefits like customization, 3D designs, durability, water resistance and retention of shape.They  are definitely an exceptional way to promote your company or display your style. At Patchsnatched every effort is taken to deliver superior quality  rubber patches, and each one is meticulously manufactured keeping the needs of the customer in mind to ensure precision and durability.

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