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1# Grnion - Limited Green Dragon Patch

1# Grnion - Limited Green Dragon Patch

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This patch is distinguished not just by its superb quality but also by the dragon's backstory. 

The Grnion, a powerful creature, does not utilize his superhuman strength to destroy entire communities and leave the earth in ruins in his wake. The strong protector of Aminjon village is Grnion. The village's benevolence is evident even from its name. This means "the protector" and is taken from the name Armin. Nobody compares to the people and ethereal country of Grnion.

This patch has a mystical quality that attracts all adventurers and fantasy fans alike owing to the tale of the magical dragon that derives its abilities from nature. Together with Grnion, set off on this mission to save your land. You are needed by Aminjon!

There are a maximum of 150 pieces of this patch.

Dimensions: 100x106 mm / 3.9 x 4.1 in.

Velcro on the back

Material: 3D-effect PVC 

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