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VEGVISIR VIKING COMPASS Patch, gid / 3D Rubber Patch

VEGVISIR VIKING COMPASS Patch, gid / 3D Rubber Patch

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VEGVISIR VIKING COMPASS Patch / 3D Rubber Patch with Velcro backing is ready to be patched.

A protective symbol from the Icelandic magic tradition of the Galdrastafir is the Vegvísir (Icelandic for signpost).

It reads: "When this mark is worn, one will never lose oneself in storms or bad weather, even if the way is not known."

GID color variant; dark-glinting.

Dimensions: 55 × 55 mm

Specifically designed, versatile, and high-quality rubber patch with 3D optics.

A hook and loop surface is fastened firmly to the patch on the back. As a result, attaching the patch to any loop Velcro surface is simple. The small size makes it possible to quickly and individually attach the patch to surfaces like helmets, baseball caps, backpacks, coats, vests, and more.

Particularly suitable for upper arm Velcro surfaces, turnout vests, body armor, uniform jackets, rucksacks, pockets, and coats.

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