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Viking Northmen AXT Patch, fullcolor / 3D Rubber Patch

Viking Northmen AXT Patch, fullcolor / 3D Rubber Patch

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Full color, three-dimensional, rubber Viking Northmen AX patch with Velcro backing.

Strong Viking axe design with the wording NORTHMEN watermarked on the ax blade in the form of the Midgard snake from our Viking Dragon patch. The runes for WARRIOR, which means warrior, STRENGHT, which means strength, and PROTECTION, meaning protection are also on the handle.

Every Viking lover must own the Viking Nothmen Ax Patch.

Size of the Patch: 92 x 34.40 mm

Exceptionally made, flexible, and high-quality rubber patch with a 3D appearance.

In 3D optics, contour. The back of the patch has a hook and loop surface that is sewed to it. This indicates that the patch is readily affixed to any surface that has a Velcro loop. Quick and individual attachment to surfaces like baseball caps, backpacks, jackets, emergency vests, emergency helmets, etc. is made possible by the compact size.

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