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BAD SANTA CHRISTMAS Patch, gestickt, gestickter 3D Patch

BAD SANTA CHRISTMAS Patch, gestickt, gestickter 3D Patch

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Embroidered Bad Santa Christmas patch or embroidered 3D patch with Velcro backing -  ready to patch 

GOOD or BAD, so please, just be good. Every year, people ask, "Were you "good or nice" or "bad / terrible"?" That being said, you deserve what you deserve, so be "good" for "heaven's sake".

Thus, think your response carefully since it has implications.

An English designer known as "JEZ" made this patch especially for us; it's intricate and a fresh take on the classic "were you good or naughty" question.

This sizable, intricate collector's patch will motivate you.

Size of the Patch: approx. 105 x 107mm

Artisan-crafted, superior embroidered patch with 3D glasses

In 3D optics, contour. A hook and loop surface is affixed to the back of the patch through sewing. As a result, attaching the patch to a collector's patch wall or any loop Velcro surface is simple.

The small size makes it possible to quickly and individually attach the patch to surfaces like helmets, baseball caps, backpacks, coats, vests, and more.

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Awesome !!

Very fast shipping. Awesome patch!! Thanks