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Dabbing Skeleton Patch, gid, 3D Rubber Patch

Dabbing Skeleton Patch, gid, 3D Rubber Patch

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Dabbing Skeleton Patch, gid, 3D Rubber Patch   

Gid, 3D Rubber Patch, Dabbing Skeleton Patch Dabbing Skeleton Patch, 3D Rubber Patch with Velcro backing, ready to patch.   

In the GID version, the logo's bright parts and ghostly appearance are created with light-emitting diodes.

Our Dabbing Skeleton is THE fashionable statement patch that declares, "Self-confident and triumphant to the end," sending the unmistakable message that you won't give up and will follow your own path.

Dimensions: 66 x 47 mm

Remarkably made, flexible, and high-quality rubber patch with a 3D appearance

In 3D optics, contour. The back of the patch has a hook and loop surface that is sewed to it. This indicates that the patch is readily affixed to any surface that has a Velcro loop. Rapid and individual attachment to surfaces like baseball caps, backpacks, jackets, emergency vests, emergency helmets, etc. is made available by the small dimensions. 

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