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Micro ShitMagnet Patch, blackmedic, 3D Rubber Patch

Micro ShitMagnet Patch, blackmedic, 3D Rubber Patch

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Micro ShitMagnet Patch / 3D Rubber Patch with Velcro backing is ready to be patched.

There are instances when things are simply too magnetically appealing to resist. Or simply, you know, "make shit happen."

A cult patch redesigned in the new micro patch size. The smallest patch surface, such as a Velcro Molle webbing with a 25mm bandwidth, is compatible with the micro patches.

Actually a tiny statement patch in a small, modest format.

Dimensions: 35 by 25 mm

Specifically designed, flexible, and high-quality rubber patch for 3D optics

A hook and loop surface, securely sewed to the patch, is contoured in 3D optics on the back. As a result, attaching the patch to any loop Velcro surface is simple.The small size makes it possible to quickly and individually attach the patch to surfaces like helmets, baseball caps, backpacks, coats, vests, and more.

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