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Monster Pig Patch, swat, 3D Rubber Patch

Monster Pig Patch, swat, 3D Rubber Patch

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Monster Pig Patch, 3D Rubber Patch with Velcro backing, ready to be patched.

The elegant writing on our Monster Pig Patch prompt reads, "Come And Take it." Did you know that pigs are more command-able than dogs and have their own language? Therefore, put an end to factory farming due to "dumb as a sow". A somewhat distinct statement patch from what you are accustomed to.

Dimensions: 72.8 x 63.7 mm

Specifically designed, flexible, and high-quality rubber patch for 3D optics

In 3D optics contour, a hook and loop surface is stitched to the patch on the back. As a result, attaching the patch to any loop Velcro surface is straightforward. The small size makes it possible to quickly and individually attach the patch to surfaces like helmets, baseball caps, backpacks, coats, vests, and even more.

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