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ODIN patch, signal red / 3D rubber patch

ODIN patch, signal red / 3D rubber patch

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ODIN Patch / 3D Rubber Patch with Velcro backing, ready to patch.

Size of the Patch: 70 x 49.8 mm

In a sense, the ODIN patch is the founder, or rather the original patch, of the recently launched Art Collection series.

The designer "Lucian" created the themes in the Art Collection, and he did it exclusively.

The most revered deity in the Germanic heaven of gods, Odin is the father of the gods. Simultaneously, according to custom, the most intricate person in Nordic mythology. The ODIN patch, which is the defining symbol of the Viking series, is a strong yet stylized portrayal. The ODIN patch has a distinctive motif that shouldn't be absent from any patch collection.

Beautifully made, flexible, and high-quality rubber patch with a 3D appearance.

A hook-and-loop surface is firmly sewn to the patch on the back. This suggests that any surface with a Velcro loop can be simply used to connect the patch. Quick and individual attachment to surfaces including baseball caps, backpacks, jackets, emergency vests, emergency helmets, etc. is made possible by the compact size.

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