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Odins RAVEN Patch, multicam / 3D Rubber Patch

Odins RAVEN Patch, multicam / 3D Rubber Patch

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Odins RAVEN Patch, multicam / 3D Rubber Patch

With a Velcro backing, the Odins Raven Patch is a 3D rubber patch.

Dimensions: 70 x 60.2 mm

The second patch in the Art Collection series is the Odins RAVEN patch. The designer "Lucian" created the themes in the Art Collection, and he did it entirely.

The two ravens belonging to the father of the gods, Odin, are HUGIN and MUNIN. Munin represents think-remember, and Hugin stands for thought-sense. The two were originally white, but due to the ideas and deeds of others, they turned black. Since one of Hugin's wings appears to be whiter or lighter in our perspective, there is still potential for a positive outcome. In a symbolic sense, the two wing colors correspond to the yin and yang in a scale. The amount of feathers on the two ravens' wings, bodies, and tails also exhibits the three-part triskele.

Because of this, the JTG Odins Raven Patch makes a great addition to any patch collection and a playing card of life.

Amazingly developed, flexible, high-quality rubber patch with a three-dimensional look

A hook-and-loop surface is firmly bound to the patch on the back. This implies that any surface with a Velcro loop can be basically used to affix the patch. The small size makes it achievable to quickly and individually apply patches to items including jackets, baseball caps, backpacks, emergency helmets, vests, and vests.

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