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WALHALLA TICKET - Odin approved Patch, swat / 3D Rubber Patch

WALHALLA TICKET - Odin approved Patch, swat / 3D Rubber Patch

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WALHALLA TICKET: 3D rubber patch with velcro backing that has been certified by Odin

The new Admin One Walhalla Ticket Patches are now readily available in six new colors and an extended size. The keywords for these patches are WALHALLA TICKET, Odin approved, and free beer. The April 2018 release date of our latest patches are denoted by the numerals 042018.

Odin-approved WALHALLA TICKET patch is mandatory for any patch collection.

Dimensions: 80 by 40 mm

Specifically designed, premium, flexible rubber patch with a three-dimensional appearance

A hook-and-loop surface is firmly sewed to the patch on the back. This implies that any surface with a Velcro loop can be simply used to affix the patch. Quick and individual attachment to surfaces like baseball caps, backpacks, jackets, emergency vests, emergency helmets, etc. is made possible by the compact size.

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