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ZOLL sleeve badge, blackops, / 3D rubber patch

ZOLL sleeve badge, blackops, / 3D rubber patch

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ZOLL sleeve badge 3D rubber patch with velcro at the back , blackops, 

Size of the Patch : 90 X72 mm

These are specially designed top notch versatile  rubber patches with a 3 dimensional look and feel. 

Note: Wearing federal badges as well asr rank badges in public can be against the law. It can be reported and become a punishable offense as assumption or misuse of authority! These patches are shipped out as a collectible.

A hook-and-loop surface is tightly fixed to the backside of the patch. Hence any surface that has a velcro loop can be easily utilized to attach the patch. Rapid and separate attachment is made possible on surfaces such as backpacks, jackets, emergency helmets and vests, baseball caps etc. with its small dimensions.


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